Saturday, August 1, 2015

Recording: Andrew Timar & Bill Parsons

Artist: Andrew Timar & Bill Parsons

Song: Anjeun Redux in Three Wilet [composers: Bill Parsons/Andrew Timar/Nano S]*

Recorded at Jam Factory ("The Music Gallery's Departures Series"), July 22, 2015.

Andrew Timar & Bill Parsons - Anjeun Redux in Three Wilet

A return of the Music Gallery's offsite "Departures" series headed across the Don Valley to Jam Factory, home of co-curator Tad Michalak's Feast in The East series. The brick-and-beam loft was a perfectly casual environment to settle in for some serene sounds and this pair of local gamelan experts provided some wonderfully minimal musical relaxation. Playing kacapi and suling (along with some subtle laptop manipulations) the pieces invoked both New Age spareness and Zen parables on the illusion of movement. Absolutely sublime.

* Thanks to Andrew for passing along the title and instrumentation info for this piece, which you can see in the comment below.


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  3. Here are the credits for the work I call “Anjeun Redux in Three Wilet” which received its premiere at the Jam Factory, Toronto, July 22, 2015.

    Composers: Bill Parsons (Canada), Andrew Timar (Canada), Nano S (Indonesia)

    Instrumentation & sound treatment: Andrew Timar: suling gambuh (Bali); suling tembang (West Java) @ 52.5cm long; Bill Parsons: Martin Backpacker guitar, computer sequenced harp sample part, heavy reverb treatment.