Friday, June 21, 2013

Recording: Young Mother

Artist: Young Mother

Song: A Lighter Affair

Recorded at 159 Manning ("Don't Trust Anyone Under 30 – Manning BBQ 2013"), June 14, 2013.

Young Mother - A Lighter Affair

Full review to follow. As always, a wonderful day at Tim McCready's annual non-NXNE all-day barbeque/hangout/music extravaganza. Bands played in the basement, living room and backyard, and there was plenty going on otherwise. You can check out my photo album from the day on the MFS Facebook page.

If the band's talk of taking some time away from doing shows to focus on writing new material is true, this was an excellent last stand: up close and sounding great in a living room, fog machine blasting away as much as the band.

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