Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recording: Light Fires

Artist: Light Fires

Song: Last Of His Kind*

Recorded at Pride Toronto (South Stage), June 28, 2013.

Light Fires - Last Of His Kind

Full review to follow. Moving up from her Pride debut a couple years ago on the Altera-Queer stage, Regina the Gentlelady showed that blondes do have more fun with a boomin', high-kickin' set on the big stage. Pride is a time for celebration and remembrance, which makes this tribute (possibly to Will Monroe?) a suitable anthem.

Do note there are a couple dance-related flaws in the recording here — to get Regina in full high-kickin' fidelity, you'll have to come to the Light Fires album release. The official announcement hasn't dropped yet, but I have it on good authority you should be heading to The Piston on August 1st.

* Thanks to JB for passing the title to this one along.