Monday, June 24, 2013

Recording: Hoover Party

Artist: Hoover Party

Song: West Lake Memories*

Recorded at Tibet Kitchen's back patio (Healing Power Afternoon Show), June 23, 2013.

Hoover Party - West Lake Memories

Full review to follow. Celebrating the summer solstice with a pair of new tape releases, Jonathan Adjemian capped off a most pleasant afternoon of music in the back patio of Parkdale's Tibet Kitchen, returning with some more Liquidity For These Troubled Times. As the music unfolded, I found myself looking upwards to the sky, between the streamers of brightly-coloured prayer ribbons and the shade-giving tree, to see a small puff of a cloud drifting by. This seems topical and relevant to the music at hand.

* Title awaiting confirmation — this was the last part of an extended medley of music that made up the set.

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