Sunday, May 12, 2013

Recording: Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0

Artist: Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0

Song: Hares on the Mountain [trad. arr. Shirley Collins]

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Weird Canada Showcase" a.k.a. Wyrd IV), May 11, 2013.

Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0 - Hares on the Mountain

Full review to follow. After an afternoon listening salon devoted to digging through some of the albums the Music Gallery released on its record label, Weird Canada showed its "genre agnosticism" in practice with a night featuring three rather different acts. Starting the night, Isla Craig's superstar a capella quintet dazzled as much as they did last time I saw 'em at their tape release. With everyone having various projects on the go, it's hard to get everyone together too often, so it's a real event when it happens. Broadening their collaborative scope, there were some new songs in here as well — Daniela Gesundheit led off with a Jewish wedding invocation, and Ivy Mairi presented this folk song.

Bonus! Flipzoso used my audio for this video he shot for "Messenger".

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