Monday, May 20, 2013

Recording: Colin Stetson

Artist: Colin Stetson

Song: High Above A Grey Green Sea

Recorded at The Great Hall, May 19, 2013.

Colin Stetson - High Above A Grey Green Sea

A dedication: "So right there, there's a whale in the Atlantic whose song is wrong by a few hertz. And this, from what we've observed, is rendering it unintelligible to all other whales. And so for whatever reason... that whale is alone in that large body of water out there. And has been out there, we've been documenting it for over a decade. So it's been swimming, calling out this song, looking for another, for its likeness, out there in the deep and coming up with nothin'. And from what we understand, it's destined to do this throughout the rest of its days. This song is not about that story. But when I played it for the first time, a friend of mine told me that it reminded her of that story. And then I heard that story and I got terribly sad, right in the middle of my heart, because it's the saddest story that we've ever heard. And it really kinda was the idea behind this piece of music made flesh and put into reality for me, and now when I play this song, I can't really help but not think about this whale. So, yeah, this is a song called High Above a Grey Green Sea, and it's for a whale, who, right at this minute is singing. Alone." Full review to follow.

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