Friday, January 4, 2013

Recording: Lorde Awesome

Artist: Lorde Awesome ft. Moonwood

Song: [edited excerpt from an improvization]*

Recorded at The Only Café ("In-Between Sounds 21"), January 3, 2013.

Lorde Awesome ft. Moonwood - [edited excerpt]

Full review to follow. Lorde Awesome have an origin story worthy of their name: rescuing an old synth found on the curb, they decided to start a band. Then they bought a better synth. Now, they're bootstrapping their own little east-end experimental scene with their monthly residence at the cozy Only Café. This is what DIY looks like.

This night saw the band welcome Moonwood, one of the several projects on the go from Arachnidiscs founder Jakob Rehlinger. They did an opening set, and then joined in with Lorde Awesome to close out the night. The series continues with new guests and diverse sonic explorations on the first Thursday of every month, and the Only is just around the corner from the subway.

* This consists of a couple smaller sections of the performance that I edited together. Lorde Awesome are diligent documenters, so you can expect to hear the unadulterated recording in short order.

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