Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recording: Christina Petrowska Quilico

Artist: Christina Petrowska Quilico

Song: Soul Ascending [Constantine Caravassilis, composer]

Recorded at Glenn Gould Studio, January 22, 2013.

Christina Petrowska Quilico - Soul Ascending

Full review to follow. A lovely night at the Glenn Gould, with Petrowska Quilico launching her new double album (available from Centrediscs) of compositions by Constantine Caravassilis. Divided into "Rhapsodies" and "Fantasias", the works are melodically accessible without being constrained by rigid formal structures. Which is to say the music is vivid enough to appreciate without requiring a curatorial statement.

The title alone is enough to create a resonant image for this piece, with the left-hand C# drone feeling like a tether to the quotidian repetitions of this earthly world as something ephemeral is slowly, irresistibly tugging upwards at it, pulling it away.

Caravassilis' pieces are so evocative that Petrowska Quilico was inspired to create a series of paintings illustrating the vivid imagery she felt in the music. (Soul Ascending is reproduced below.) It would have been intriguing to have the paintings projected alongside her playing at the show, but you can see a selection in the CD booklet — or, on Friday (January 25, 2013) in person at Chalmers House, where the Canadian Music Centre will be hosting a special exhibition of some of the pieces. More info here.

Petrowska Quilico maintails a vibrant social media presence, so hopefully this field recording will be supplemented with some material from this concert on her youtube channel.

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