Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recording: Ostrich Tuning

Artist: Ostrich Tuning feat. Daniel Lee

Song: Something's Gone Wrong Again [Buzzcocks cover]

Recorded at Holy Oak Café ("Taking drugs to play music for kittens to take drugs to" – Chi Chi Fundraiser), September 30, 2012.

Ostrich Tuning - Something's Gone Wrong Again

Full review to follow. Pets are members of our families, and the financial burden of sudden health problems can create a lot of angst. After Chi Chi, companion to Ostrich Tuning's Ami and Ian, needed emergency care, they put together this special night to help defray the costs. Besides a silent auction of black cat-related art, they called on some friends to join them on stage. Here, Daniel Lee (Hut, Hooted Fang, Phèdre, etc.) pitches in vocals on this classic.

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