Monday, October 15, 2012

Download: Broken Social Scene

Ten years ago today — October 15, 2002 — Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People was released. This is a slightly more practical celebration of that fact than the essay that I wrote for the occasion. It is, admittedly, not entirely period-correct to YFIIP. Rather, it comes from the long couple years after when I was keenly awaiting its follow-up, and decided to go through all of the live recordings I had collected to put as many new songs together as possible in one place. Think of this as the sprawling double live album that BSS never released. And to replicate the vintage BSS concert experience, it's packed full of technical difficulties and stage banter.

It was originally designed to fill up two CD's, so I have simply boiled those down to two sets of MP3's that you can grab with these links:

BSS - Egregore (part 1)

BSS - Egregore (part 2)

Alternate links in the comments. Do let me know if you have any problems with these files.

[Caveat: Besides being filled with my art-obsessions of the time, this was assembled when I was just starting to play around with audio editing software, so some of the clunky transitions here make me cringe a little. To the extent that I was aiming for a smoothly-edited montage from song to song, I missed badly. If I had more time at my disposal, I would go back and re-edit this whole thing to flow more smoothly, but I don't — so it's being presented "as is".]

None of these are my own recordings. Many thanks are due to the original tapers. Special thanks are also due to longtime BSS fan Nippleholic, who approached me with a different idea for a 10th anniversary celebration. That project didn't come together — yet — but it definitely planted the seed for this.


  1. Part 1:
    1 Intro (ambience)
    2 “Lover’s Spit” intro
    3 Lover’s Spit
    4 Stars and Sons
    5 Where’s Your Heart, Where’s Your Mind
    6 Pacific Theme
    7 7/4
    8 “Looks Just Like the Sun” intro
    9 Looks Just Like the Sun
    10 banter
    11 Major Label Debut
    12 banter
    13 banter
    14 Superconnected
    15 banter
    16 KC Accidental
    17 “Fire Eyed Boy” intro
    18 Fire Eyed Boy
    19 banter
    20 Gods
    21 I’ll Bring the Sun

    Part 2:
    1 Tongue (now called “The National Anthem of Nowhere”)
    2 “Cause=Time” intro
    3 Cause=Time
    4 “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” intro
    5 Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
    6 “Jimmy & the Photocall” intro
    7 Jimmy & the Photocall
    8 “Ibi Dreams Of Pavement” intro
    9 Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (Dreams of a Better World)
    10 “Almost Crimes” intro
    11 Almost Crimes
    12 banter
    13 Handjobs for the Holidays
    14 banter
    15 “Secretaries” intro
    16 Secretaries
    17 “Backyards” intro
    18 Backyards
    19 “It’s All Gonna Break” intro
    20 It’s All Gonna Break

  2. I'm having trouble downloading the two zip files. Are they posted anywhere else other in Google Docs?

    1. Alternate links:

      Part I:
      Part II: