Monday, September 10, 2012

Recording: Werner Puntigam & Matchume Zango

Artist: Werner Puntigam & Matchume Zango

Song: [excerpt]*

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Afro-European Soundscapes"), September 9, 2012.

Werner Puntigam & Matchume Zango - [excerpt]

Full review to follow. This ain't your genteel coffee shop compilation-ready "fusion". Instead, Puntigam and Zango followed through on the idea of soundscapes, creating vivid musical tableaux that matched well with the slideshow of scenes of contemporary urbanity in Mozambique. This extract here sounds at the beginning like an electro-acoustic soundtrack to the greatest-ever African steampunk novel, which eases off into solo mbira from Zango before he's rejoined by Puntigam, who was making sounds that I never would have imagined would emerge from a conch shell.

* I'm not sure if this is a "song", or part of a suite, or an improvisation. Please leave a comment if you know the title!

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