Friday, September 28, 2012

Recording: Elliott BROOD

Artist: Elliott BROOD

Song: Johnny Rooke

Recorded at The Great Hall (PBR10 – Night 1), September 27, 2012.

Elliott BROOD - Johnny Rooke

Full review to follow. As they get further from the distortion-laced hollers of yore, Elliott BROOD feel like a band in transition. Playing a set that focused on their mellower side, the empty spaces that left in their sound were filled by Bob Egan, guesting on pedal steel and mandolin. Most of the songs would have been pleasing considered on their own, but I kept pining for the band to really tear it up for a song or two. By the time they did — "we've got two more songs!" we were told, about four songs after we we first told there would be two more songs — my attention was drifting. Still, there's no shortage of loveliness in this older chestnut laced with Egan's hurtin' pedal steel.

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