Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recording: Weaves

Artist: Weaves

Song: unknown*

Recorded at Clinton's Tavern, September 12, 2012.

Weaves - unknown

Full review to follow. By the time RatTail released their album back in February, they were no longer the band that'd made that sort of skewed-jangle pop, instead debuting a set of abstracted electronic music. And then they weren't a band at all. Now, singer/guitarist Jasmyn Burke has returned with her new project Weaves, using looping pedals to multiply her guitar and formidable vox. There was some talk from the stage that this is on its way to being a "band", but even in this solo incarnation (and the project's second gig) there's a lot here to be impressed by. Get in on the ground floor of this one, folks!

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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