Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recording: Evening Hymns

Artist: Evening Hymns

Song: Moon River

Recorded at The Theatre Centre (SummerWorks Festival), August 17, 2012.

Evening Hymns - Moon River

Full review to follow. Although it's seemed like a rather long wait for those of us in the crowd to finally get a chance to hear Spectral Dusk as a finished product, it's been a far longer — and more personal — journey for Jonas Bonnetta, so I can only imagine that it must have felt special to release it to the world to a room filled with friends and peers. Playing as a seven-piece, this was Evening Hymns at its most vivid, a feeling intensified by Sean Frey's realtime lofi projections flickering behind the band.

CBC was onsite to record the show for future broadcast, and you can expect some video from this set to surface soon — but hopefully this will serve as a placeholder for now.

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  1. It's not every day you can record such an intimate set with not a single sound from the audience. It was a lovely set filled with people who were just simply listening to music. Best atmosphere ever.