Monday, January 4, 2021

Bumping into... Jonathan Pappo

Bumping Into... is a series of mini-chats with a variety of peeps that you might run into in some of our local music communities. (There's a bit of an intro and my thoughts behind the series here.)

How are you? Where are you?

I am for the most part... good! Currently sitting on Christmas Day, looking out at the snow from my first floor home, cat in the bedroom snoozing, Zoe writing down ingredients for sauces we made for her family.

What have you been up to since March or so?

In these unprecedented times... jk.

A reflective year filled with a lot of learning included: going to Texas for three months to take care of my mum; the luck and grace of a few musical projects coalescing which will make their way into the world in... 2021(?); the strange opportunity to continue working at 918 Bathurst during a pandemic and interact with artists ever so often; trying to keep my head and emotions above proverbial water; etc.; etc.; etc.

Time has never felt more like an illusion and its weight has never felt more heavy on my heart. But, I am up!

Have you found any new ways to do old things? How are you feeling about the shifts in how music is being made/shared/listened to?

Sort of! Finally turned a room in our house into an ad hoc music studio. And had the luck of making little bubbles with people later in the year so that we could try and make records.

Video chat and technology has both become the bane of my existence (sometimes when I look at my phone, it's as if a large, thick thread of molasses is dragging me into the black rectangle and I'm having to rip away ala Matrix) and my saviour. The aura/presence emitting from my phone and computer when video chatting friends and family is remarkable. When I was in Texas, Zoe and I would watch movies together while on video chat and I really did feel a sense of her there. Very comforting.

I unfortunately don't really like live streams all that much. But I love the opportunity people have to express themselves in the capacities that we're currently allowed.

Any works of art that have been a light for you in these times? Anything that's just been a good diversion?

I have been in awe of the music coming out from friends and has made this year more bearable.

Friday movie club with friends, and earlier in the pandemic, Michael Deforge's weekly movie stream.

I want to echo what D'Alex wrote and the Microphones in 2020 record is a true standout. I love Phil.

How are you feeling about 2021?


On a personal level, I am extremely lucky and I am genuinely excited to have the beautiful projects my friends have been working on make their way into the world. And I just finished an album of my own things, which I am going to figure out how to release. Any suggestions?

I am not pessimistic about the rest, but it's definitely challenging to feel happy and hopeful all the time, particularly when actions don't match words.

Anything else we'd chat about if we bumped into each other?

Two possible situations...

Joe enters 918 Bathurst a little early as always.

"Hello, Joe!"


Conversation on music, sci-fi, the going ons of Toronto, and life ensue

Joe changes into his workwear shoes and fetches water for tea. Jonathan leaves.

Jonathan and Joe are at a show together

"Hello, Jonathan."

"Hello, Joe."

Conversation on music, sci-fi, the going ons of Toronto, and life ensue

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