Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Recording: Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Indigo Rising

Artist: Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Indigo Rising

Songs: Ever New + Sunset Village

Recorded at the Jam Factory, April 15, 2018.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Indigo Rising - Ever New

Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Indigo Rising - Sunset Village

On the heels of some recent re-issues, there has been a re-appraisal of sorts for Beverly Glenn-Copeland, who is perhaps as well remembered by a couple generations of Canadians as an occasional performer on Mr. Dressup as a Yorkville folkie-turned-synth-explorer. For his part, in an emotion-filled performance, Copeland confessed that while originally making his music he could sense that his true audience (and musical peers) were not yet born.

Fortunately, this crew, dominated by east coast soft-rockers Jeremy Costello, Nick Dourado, Bianca Palmer and Kurt Inder (plus local Thom Gill) has the tenderness and tenacity to bring Copeland's intricately-layered sounds to life and a love for the same sort of goopy showtune softness and electronic new-age textures that were resolutely unfashionable for so long, returning Glenn-Copeland to the cannon as an icon and influence. Filled with heatfelt spoken passages that stirred the audience as much as the songs, this felt like a special (and cathartic) night for audience and performer alike, and served as a reminder that new chapters, new partners and new songs could be just around the corner for any of us.

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