Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Recording: act tbh

Artist: act tbh

Song: [first piece, in two parts]

Recorded at The Steady Café (Track Could Bend #24), March 7, 2017.

act tbh - [first piece, part 1]

act tbh - [first piece, part 2]

This trio provided some purifying sounds to sanctify Track Could Bend's new home in the back room of The Steady Café. I'm sure there are other facts connecting the dots but I do know that Connor Bennett and Aaron Hutchinson (of Hamilton's rather excellent collective/label HAVN) provided musical support on Trevor Truple's After Ever tape, and that the three have been playing together some. That's now been formalized under the banner of this project, and there's signs of a deepening musical mind-meld at hand.

Rather than the lo-fi synth textures that coloured the set I saw at The Tranzac, things were more acoustically-based this time around, even if the instruments were all being treated. There was also a really patient and well-considered build-up here, with the opening sparseness slowing giving itself over to increasing density. I haven't heard any word that there's a HAVN tape forthcoming from this trio, but I'm starting that rumour anyway just to make sure there's pressure on them to make it happen.

[Track Could Bend will be back at The Steady on Tuesday, May 2nd.]

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