Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Recording: Eamon McGrath

Artist: Eamon McGrath

Song: Machine Gun Cowboy

Recorded at Christie Pits Park (Bloor Ossington Folk Festival – Day 2), September 18, 2016.

Eamon McGrath - Machine Gun Cowboy

Unsurprisingly, the fine sunny weather accompanying the festival's final day had the park feeling much more lively and animated with dog-walkers and playground patrons. The tent was also a lot busier from the get-go and as the warm sun held overhead, the rise of the hill beyond was soon filling as well. There was more of a poignant sad undertone to the day, with organizers, bands and audience members all dwelling a little more on the idea that this was the end of the line for the festival. But, as always, the music was a balm and a call to enjoy these moments while they last.

Eamon McGrath is another member of the Saving Gigi/BOFF "family" who has only missed the event when he was away touring. Joined by Greg Millson on drums, McGrath shook off the hangover from the previous night's headlining blast with Julie Doiron and The Wrong Guys to dig through his catalogue and bast out a series of tunes.

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