Saturday, February 6, 2016

Recording: New Fries

Artist: New Fries

Song: 90 Yr Old Girl

Recorded at Galleria Shopping Centre (Long Winter: Galleria), January 30, 2016.

New Fries - 90 Yr Old Girl

An ambitious "takeover" project from the Long Winter crew saw their usual mix of music + art transferred to the near-derelict/doomed-by-gentrification Galleria Mall. It was a sonically awkward environment to hold a show (there's a lot of muddy "mall reverb" in these recordings) that attracted a rather different crowd than the regular LW events — skewing older, and perhaps towards those feeling a sense of pre-nostalgia for kitschy but less-corporate spaces like this. (Ironically, having a larger 19+ component in the crowd made for long lines for anyone wanting to get into the event's licenced areas, but that notwithstanding everything on the night seemed to run pretty smoothly.) I'm not sure whether or not the dancer (dressed as a giant M+M candy) was crashing the stage or not during this set, but the band seemed to take it in stride. The band otherwise delivered a fairly straightahead set, with fewer groove-sabotaging moments than they used to generate.

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