Saturday, August 23, 2014

Recording: Prince Nifty

Artist: Prince Nifty with Colin Fisher

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Tibet Kitchen (Backyard Afternoon), July 27, 2014.

Prince Nifty with Colin Fisher - [excerpt]

Full review to follow. Although it hadn't been too long since I'd seen Matt Smith performing, this melow afternoon had a pretty different feel than the full-on dance party that time out. In fact, this had three distinct vibes, with Smith starting an ethereal solo piece for voice and laptop before the atmospheric guitar duo with Colin Fisher excerpted here. He finished with an experimental piece, asking many of the day's previous performers (Isla Smith, HVYWTR's Vic Cheong, Heather Segger, Fisher plus host Jonathan Adjemian) to put in earplugs and sing, following his conducting and without reference to the performers around them. A lovely ending to a wonderful day in a pretty amazing spot.

Bonus! Here's a brief video clip of that floating solo vocal piece that opened the set:

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