Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recording: Eucalyptus

Artist: Eucalyptus

Song: Windmill Will [Excerpt from a live score to Betty Ferguson's Kisses]*

Recorded at CineCycle ("Wavelength 559: Scoring CineCycle"), April 16, 2013.

Eucalyptus - Windmill Will

Full review to follow. Wavelength's creative musical spirit went head-to-head with Images' characteristic push past the limits of the movie screen at this night with three bands tackling scores to classic experimental films. Doing double-duty on the night (as a member of the Lina Allemano Four and leading his own band here) Brodie West was celebrated in the night's refreshing signature cocktail. The film is a montage of kisses from various movies, and as they progressed from chaste kisses on the back of the hand to continental pecks on the cheek to more passionate lipmashing, this piece's circular theme on toy piano and gently insistent percussion provided a throughline.

* Following from the name of the film being soundtracked, I'd originally labelled this then-new composition "Kisses [Part 1]", but now we have a proper title for it.

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