Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recording: This Mess

Artist: This Mess

Songs: Lost in Space + [segue supercut] + [ambient version]

Recorded at The White House, March 30, 2011.

This Mess - Lost in Space

This Mess - [segue supercut]

This Mess - [ambient version]

Full review to follow. A night to celebrate the release of States, This Mess' first album (available on tape and at bandcamp) was also a sad occasion, as it also served as a going-away party for drummer Adham, who is heading out of town for a while. Hopefully all the what-if's surrounding the band will someday find pleasant resolutions. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, there's probably a version of the band that's more interested in the post-punkish textural bits between the songs than in the songs themselves, so I did a little reconstruction to think on what that might me like. And in some even stranger universe, mad scientists are wondering what they'd sound like as glacial feedback sculptors. Or maybe that's just me.

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