Monday, July 9, 2012

Recording: Kith and Kin

Artist: Kith and Kin

Songs: I Love to See the Wheels in Motion + Mourning Tears

Recorded at St. Andrew by the Lake Church (Poor Pilgrim 5), July 8, 2012.

Kith and Kin - I Love to See the Wheels in Motion

Kith and Kin - Mourning Tears

Full review to follow. A beautiful day on the island for Matt Cully's fifth Poor Pilgrim show, a peripatetic day of music spread out through various (mostly outdoor) locations. I'm about the least xmas-y person you can find, so the fact that I went out of my way last year to see Kith and Kin's annual seasonal wassail shows how much I'm overpowered by what they do, which taps into some sort of deep-seated need for communion. The intermingling of unamplified voices is something that my gear can't quite capture, so I can only say that you must go and hear them for yourself. (Check out an album of some more pictures from the day here.)

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