Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recording: Ark Analog

Artist: Ark Analog

Song: Was That It?*

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (New Traditions Festival), June 30, 2012.

Ark Analog - Was That It?

Full review to follow. A lovely day on the Island for the New Traditions Festival, organized by Whippersnapper Gallery, the Fedora Upside Down music collective and Artscape Gibraltar Point. A botched "late night ferry" service put a damper on things at day's end, but there were plenty good memories. The festival was closed out by this new project from Maylee Todd and Dan Werb. Anyone who knows their previous work (and especially Todd's collaborations with Woodhands) would have a notion of what they're in for here — something energetic to dance to.

* Thanks to a commenter for passing the title to this one along.