Thursday, April 23, 2020

Flexion / Reflection

So, a few days ago I posted the last recordings I had in my queue. At long last, I'm caught up!

The issue now, of course, is if and when there will be more recordings to post. It doesn't feel like it's going to be any time soon, especially as I think about the possibilities of having safe spaces (in a different sense than we usually mean) in the sort of venues I frequent. Are shows possible — never mind desirable — under the conditions that might be possible as things are eased off? How many people could you actually put in the Southern Cross or Wenona Lodge's basement if people were separated six feet in each direction? Would you actually want to go to a bar and — what — stand in a rigid grid two meters away from everyone else?

Anyway, it's all to say it's unclear how things are going to be in the months ahead. And unclear what I'll feel like doing. With a nice break to putter around in life's other avenues, maybe I won't feel the need to head out to so many shows in the future. Which isn't to say things here are going to end, but maybe they won't be as they were — I feel less like I'm at a cliff than at a height of land, looking at different terrain in front of me.

And in the meantime, without new material to post, there will be some opportunities to dip into the archives. Starting tomorrow, some friends of MFS will be sharing playlists of tracks from the blog that have mattered to them in one way or another, so at least we can remember the ways that we have been connected and affected.

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