Friday, August 10, 2018

Recording: Jazz Bras Dot Com

Artist: Jazz Bras Dot Com

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Jam Factory (TONE Festival/The Music Gallery's Departures Series), June 19, 2018.

Jazz Bras Dot Com - [excerpt]

If it takes a festival invite or other similar situation to facilitate the logistics of bringing this pan-continental trio together, then a helluva lot more festivals need to get with the program, as this was fabulous stuff. Mixing Elisa Thorn's harp, Jessica Ackerely's guitar and Laura Swankey's treated vocals, this felt like an expansive conversation between three old friends, where deeper connections held together what might seem like nonlinear superficial riffing — three parallel lines meeting at infinity, sort of a musical equivalent of ye olde impossible trident.

[Laura Swankey, JBDC's local representative, will be celebrating an EP Release of her work for solo voice and electronics with a show at Burdock on Thursday, October 4th. The Departures Series will be returning on August 31st with a film screening and live quadraphonic performance from Suzanne Ciani, which is itself the first event of the Burn Down The Capital-curated Intersection Festival.]

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