Friday, August 11, 2017

Recording: Harrison Argatoff

Artist: Harrison Argatoff

Song: [first improvisation]

Recorded at Array Space (Rooted, Somewhere There, and Mechanical Forest Sound present), July 9, 2017.

Harrison Argatoff - [first improvisation]

Normally the night of its monthly Second Sunday series, Somewhere There instead decided to open things up, inviting a couple co-conspirators to each bring an act to this show. This first set was presented by Rooted, which seeks to grow community and explore new musical ideas by curating, recording, and releasing live concerts.

Saxophonist Anthony Argatoff, who has been making a name for himself in local creative music circles over the past couple years, has recently headed out of the city — so perhaps it's rather fitting to see his younger brother (also a product of the U of T music program) starting to step up as a more prominent player. This solo set saw him exploring some ideas for tenor saxophone, mixing improvisations with composed work and sax licks with some other vocalisations.

[Somewhere There's Second Sunday series continues this weekend (August 13th) with a set from Québec's Sonia Paço-Rocchia offering realtime electroacoustic manipulations for bassoon and visuals, plus a quartet encounter with the SWT organizing team.]

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