Thursday, May 5, 2016

Recording: DUST

Artist: DUST

Songs: [two pieces]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, April 29, 2016.

DUST - [excerpt from first piece]

DUST - [third piece]

Moving from the Southern Cross' carpeted living-room zone to the more acoustically delicate sanctuary at the Music Gallery gave this the air of something of a special occasion for DUST. They were also a bit more of a "big band" than the last couple times I'd seen 'em, with eleven players on hand, all endeavouring to make as little sound as possible. The approach was a bit more "musical" than some of the rustlings I caught last time out, but there were still plenty of hushed abstractions here, including the return of Alex Lukashevsky's turntable. This set's MVP might have been Ryan Driver, who added not only some balloon membrane murmurings, but also brought a wooden spool that he rolled quietly along the wooden floor.

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