Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recording: Several Futures

Artist: Several Futures

Song: Heroic Phase*

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, June 28, 2014.

Several Futures - Heroic Phase

Full review to follow. Seeing the kids taking their first kick at the can and re-inventing rock'n'roll by sheer dint of their enthusiasm is great, but I'm also a fan of seeing old hands reassemble in new forms to create something that's informed both by past experience and new enthusiasm. This debut performance by Several Futures was a hit in that regard, taking some ingredients familiar to the musicians here but torquing things into a new topology.

Jonny Dovercourt (bass/vox) and Matt Nish-Lapidus (guit/vox) played together in the more experimental Hybrid Moments, but the improvisatory postpunk shifts on the shred/drone continuum that they explored there have now been sublimated to a more song-based template. Dovercourt also previously played with drummer Evan Davies in Republic of Safety1, so there was no lack of familiarity and easy interplay on stage, even if this material was getting its first public airing. There were short songs and a couple longer ones, plus places where hardcore-esque jousting shifted into jagged Slint-offs. The band already has a couple tracks up on their soundcloud, so they're definitely hitting the ground running.

* Thanks to Jonny for passing the title to this one along.

1 Careful observers would have noted that they were greeted at the door of this gig by another former member of Republic of Safety as well!