Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recording: Art Bergmann

Artist: Art Bergmann (featuring Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers)

Song: Sin City (Gram Parsons cover)

Live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, April 25, 2009.

Art Bergmann (feat. Tony Dekker) - Sin City

My notes for this set can be found here.


  1. Great track. I'm a big Art fan. He and Mr Dekker sound really good together. Wish I could have been at the show, but I'm on the wrong side of the country.

  2. Well, given they went to the trouble to put a band together like that, I have to imagine this wasn't a one-off.

    One'd think Art could fill a good-sized room in Vancouver. Are there any soft-seaters out there catering to rock shows that are smaller than, say, The Orpheum?