Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recording: Nick Storring

Artist: Nick Storring

Songs: [two excerpts from an improvization]

Recorded at Ratio, December 16, 2014.

Nick Storring - [opening section]

Nick Storring - [middle section]

The composer's work is often something with a long leadtime before results are seen in the world, so it must be rather enjoyable for Nick Storring to see the fruits of his labours so fulsomely on display lately. Besides getting some serious work out in the world, Storring has also managed to look pretty cool while doing it, dropping a recent split 7" as well as this beautifully-designed new tape release on the Orange Milk label. It's a companion of sorts to the still-fresh Gardens, with both albums reflecting a new emphasis on acoustic instrumentation instead of digital treatments.

That layered bricolage is tough to reproduce in a live setting, so this release party saw Storring working behind a table of instruments and electronics being mixed with help of his laptop. Taking advantage of Ratio's intimate space, this set had a different feel than the similar release set for Gardens, with long atmospheric bass loops and electroacoutic rustlings creating a more subtle atmosphere.

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