Saturday, January 3, 2015

Recording: Clarinet Panic Deluxx

Artist: Clarinet Panic Deluxx

Song: No Tasseomancy

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Emergents I"), December 4, 2014.

Clarinet Panic Deluxx - No Tasseomancy

Putting a new spin on the "Emergents" concept, this was, in fact, the final gig for this Cory Latkovich-led quartet. Making their final eschatological promises, the band took one last careen through their tricky chamber-prog romps. But as always, they undercut the self-seriousness that might arise from Latkovich's knotty compositions with humour, giving the audience bells to ring along to the tunes and giving drummer D. Alex Meeks a megaphone to banter from the stage with.

And although all that will remain now of this band are their recordings, creative rebirth is already pending with the announcement that Imaginary Flesh — Latkovich's new project — will be making its début at the Somewhere There Festival in February. (You can support the Festival and get some good deals on tickets/passes if you support their Indiegogo campaign.) Long live the new flesh!

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