Friday, January 30, 2015

Recording: Tomasz Krawowiak & Holger Schoorl

Artist: Tomasz Krawowiak & Holger Schoorl

Song: [excerpt from an improvisation]

Recorded at Ratio, January 22, 2015.

Tomasz Krawowiak & Holger Schoorl - [excerpt from an improvisation]

In the lead-up to this duo set with percussionist Tomasz Krawowiak, Holger Schoorl wrote a twitter essay that'd probably capture the mood of the thing better than I could, so let's just quote his words: "It should be said to those who haven't hear[d] before him or myself or him and myself together that things can be pretty quiet. [...] In fact Tomasz hangs out perhaps too often in those practically inaudible areas of with fingertip drum rubbing. [...] It is true I play the guitar quietly. I was for some time and perhaps still am fond of Morton Feldman's music (and some other things) [...] Which lead me to enjoy listening to and making sounds that are hard to hear. This is actually quite nice: That listening to music would be a little harder, would require a little more cooperation from the audience, that one would be asked to do [...] More than merely show up. [...] That the music projects itself only so far into the space. [...] Forcing listeners to listen a little harder to make up for the lack of volume. An increased level of attention is therefore required."

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