Saturday, January 24, 2015

Recording: Bernice

Artist: Bernice

Song: Talking About Her

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, January 8, 2015.

Bernice - Talking About Her

This low-key gig at Holy Oak saw Bernice play with a slightly jury-rigged lineup. Vocalist Felicity Williams was out of town and Josh Cole was sitting in on bass, but there was still a lot of magic in the air with another chance to hear some of Robin Dann's fab new songs. There were also a couple curveballs in the setlist, including this tune which doesn't get played as much — as well as a brief appearance by Tin, the band's alter-ego that plays ten-second-long improvised songs based on shouted genre/topic suggestions.

[Several members of the Bernice universe will be part of next week's Felicity Williams-curated Emergents II at the Music Gallery (Friday, January 30th), which will include a Robin Dann/Claire Harvie vocal set as well a new trio from bassist Dan Fortin.]

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