Thursday, January 8, 2015

Recording: Wrong Hole

Artist: Wrong Hole

Songs: HDTV + What is a Car?

Recorded at The Great Hall – Conversation Room ("Long Winter: Year 3, Volume 2"), December 12, 2014

Wrong Hole - HDTV + What is a Car

The last time I tried to see Wrong Hole, the set didn't even get off the ground due to gear failure, so it's an improvement that they got most of the way through this set before running into terminal amp trouble. Combining the talents of Nick Flanagan (formerly of Brutal Knights, currently spending more time as a standup comedian), Andrew Moszynski (Comet Control) and Jon Schouten (Teenanger), this band surfs the thin line between smart and dumb and then clubs it with a fire extinguisher. These tracks are presented with some extra hazy murk, just because. (you can hear something in higher fidelity on their album.)

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