Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recording: Skeleton Forest

Artist: Skeleton Forest

Songs: Ghost Dude + Why Not Your Baby (feat. Lisa Conway) [Dillard & Clark cover]

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, January 2, 2015.

Skeleton Forest - Ghost Dude

Skeleton Forest feat. Lisa Conway - Why Not Your Baby

With Andrew Collins and Lisa Conway spending a year overseas, the projects they're involved in took a break from local stages, but expect to see them once again with increasing frequency. Leading up towards a full return for the Skeletones Four was this "coffeehouse" drummer-less trio, stripped of the proggy tripwires and blorpy keybs that crop up in S4's work and instead imploding more toward widdly Grateful Dead-style rococo rusticity — a perfectly reasonable alternate setting for Collins' ghost stories. Lisa Conway joined in on backing vox for several songs, including this wonderful take on Gene Clark's seminal country-rock weeper (a tune that was also memorably reinterpreted by Velvet Crush).

[That aforementioned return to the stage by the full Skeletones Four takes place tonight (Wednesday, January 21st) at The Dakota Tavern, as part of Kelly McMichael's residency.]

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