Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Gig List

AGO First Thursdays: Long Winter Takeover (feat. Snowblink / Doomsquad / Soul Sisters Supreme)
The Art Gallery of Ontario 2014-01-02 (Thursday)

Alex Calder (Blonde Elvis / Elsa / Wish / Pet Sun)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-01-03 (Friday)

Feast In The East 33 (feat. Mimico / Bella Akira / New Fries)
Gerrard Art Space 2014-01-04 (Saturday)

Toronto Does Toronto III (feat. Lisa Bozikovic / Chris Cummings / Ryan Driver / Simone Schmidt / Alex Lukashevsky / Thom Gill)
Holy Oak Café 2014-01-05 (Sunday)

Elvis Monday: Dorian's Birthday (feat. Donlands and Mortimer / Tasseomancy / Hiawatha / Our Founders)
The Drake Underground 2014-01-06 (Monday)

Somewhere There presents Paul Newman's 50th birthday show (feat. Paul Newman with Karen Ng / Joe Sorbara / Heather Segger)
Array Space 2014-01-08 (Wednesday)

Long Winter: Year 2, Volume 3 (feat. Hidden Cameras / Rae Spoon / Isla Craig / Princess Century / Doug Tielli / Weaves / Derek was D-Sisive / Bizzarh / Ronley Teper and The Lipliners / Bespoken)
The Great Hall 2014-01-10 (Friday)

The Ryan Driver Sextet
Array Space 2014-01-11 (Saturday)

Audiopollination #14.1 (feat. Michael Keith and Bob Vespaziani with Kyle Macdonald / Cheryl O / William Davidson)
Array Space 2014-01-14 (Tuesday)

Opportunity Café: Closing Party (feat. Fresh Flesh / Ken Park / Ice Cream)
Oz Studios 2014-01-16 (Thursday)

Emergents II (feat. Ensemble Paramirabo / Christopher Willes)
The Music Gallery 2014-01-17 (Friday)

Silent Shout: The Class Of 2014 (feat. Nyssa / Bizzarh / Jef Barbara / Lido Pimienta)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-01-17 (Friday)

Cate Le Bon (Kevin Morby)
The Drake Underground 2014-01-21 (Tuesday)

Doug Tielli (GREX)
Holy Oak Café 2014-01-22 (Wednesday)

Spectrum Music: Atlas of Imaginary Places
The Annex Theatre 2014-01-24 (Friday)

Poppy Seed and The Love Explosion (The Green Ray / George Westerholm)
Bovine Sex Club 2014-01-24 (Friday)

Wavelength 585 (feat. Jay Holy / Sexy Merlin / Ice Cream / Man Made Hill)
Handlebar 2014-01-25 (Saturday)

Drumheller (Raphael Schilt/Rob Clutton/Mark Segger / Ryan Driver/Chris Wallace/Brodie West)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-01-28 (Tuesday)

Woodsman (Carl Didur / Glass Tomb)
Rancho Relaxo 2014-01-29 (Wednesday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-01-31 (Friday)

Feast In The East 34 (feat. Holiday Rambler / Clara Engel / Moonwood)
Gerrard Art Space 2014-02-01 (Saturday)

Allison Cameron with D. Alex Meeks
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-02-02 (Sunday)

Hirut Ethiopian Restaurant 2014-02-02 (Sunday)

The Pinecones (José Contreras)
The Piston 2014-02-06 (Thursday)

Long Winter: Year 2, Volume 4 (feat. Alvvays / Farang / Sheezer / Not the Wind, Not the Flag / Teenanger / Smartboys / P.S. I Fucked Up / HSY)
The Great Hall 2014-02-07 (Friday)

Toy Piano Composers: To Be Announced
Heliconian Hall 2014-02-08 (Saturday)

Healing Power Monthly (feat. Bile Sister / Skull Bong)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-02-08 (Saturday)

Crosswires (feat. Mies Coma / Prom / Field Study
Handlebar 2014-02-09 (Sunday)

Audiopollination #15 (feat. Pierre Mongeon and Alister Spence / Sarah Peebles/Nilan Perera/Ted Phillips / Alister Spence and Jonnie Bakan / Alexandra Spence and Alister Spence)
Array Space 2014-02-11 (Tuesday)

Wavelength Music Festival: FOURTEEN – Night 1 (feat. Phèdre / TOPS / Zoo Owl / Alden Penner / You'll Never Get To Heaven)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-02-13 (Thursday)

Wavelength Music Festival: FOURTEEN – Night 2 (feat. DIANA / Odonis Odonis / Weaves / Most People / MATROX)
Adelaide Hall 2014-02-14 (Friday)

Wavelength Music Festival: FOURTEEN – Weird Canada's "Wyrd Distro" Launch (feat. Aaron Levin & Marie Claire Flanagan / Carl Didur)
June Records 2014-02-15 (Saturday)

Wavelength Music Festival: FOURTEEN – Night 3 (feat. Colin Stetson / U.S. Girls / Biblical / Petra Glynt / Gambletron)
SPK Polish Combatants Hall 2014-02-15 (Saturday)

Wavelength Music Festival: FOURTEEN – "The Toronto Music Moment" (feat. Ark Analog / Mexican Slang / Evelyn Mukwedeya & Memory Makuri)
Sonic Boom Records 2014-02-16 (Sunday)

Wavelength Music Festival: FOURTEEN – Night 4 (feat. Cousins / Greys / The Wet Secrets / Lido Pimienta / Elaquent)
The Garrison 2014-02-16 (Sunday)

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival (feat. David Lee [talk] / Broomer/Bull/Fraser/Lee/Stach / Kyle Brenders Quartet / Alaniaris)
The Tranzac (Main Hall + Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-02-21 (Friday)

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival (feat. Start Making Noises Now [film] / Girlfriends Encounter a Father Figure / Hat and Beard)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-02-22 (Saturday – matinée)

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival (feat. Jeremy Strachan [talk] / Paul Newman & Karen Ng / Cheryl Duvall & Ilana Waniuk / Famous Wildlife Movies)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-02-22 (Saturday)

Mystic Triangle (Ken Park / Nyssa)
Handlebar 2014-02-22 (Saturday)

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival (feat. The Improviser's Woodshed [workshop by Dave Clark] / King Weather / Simeon Abbott & Mike Gennaro / Colin Anthony's Dream Dance)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-02-23 (Sunday – matinée)

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival (feat. Cluttertones / Fleshtone Aura & Mandelbrut / Mark Segger Sextet)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-02-23 (Sunday)

Michelle McAdorey Band
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-02-28 (Friday)

The Beverleys (Greys / Wish / Mexican Slang)
Sneaky Dee's 2013-02-28 (Friday)

Toronto Symphony Orchestra's New Creations Festival: Doctor Atomic
Roy Thomson Hall 2014-03-01 (Saturday)

Prince Enoki's Insect Orchestra (Mas Aya)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-03-01 (Saturday)

New Music 101 (feat. New Music Concerts / junctQín keyboard collective)
Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium – Toronto Reference Library 2014-03-03 (Monday)

Celebrate Paul Dutton at 70
Supermarket 2014-03-04 (Tuesday)

Toronto Symphony Orchestra's New Creations Festival: Slonimsky's Earbox
Roy Thomson Hall 2014-03-05 (Wednesday)

The Two Koreas (Desk Metal / The Pow Wows)
The Piston 2014-03-06 (Thursday)

Long Winter: Year 2, Volume 5 (feat. Fucked Up / Cancer Bats / Fiver / S.H.I.T. / Greys / JFM / Pick A Piper / Brr / Grounders / So Young / Gaucho)
The Great Hall 2014-03-07 (Friday)

Freelove Fenner (Bile Sister / Gay / Man Made Hill)
Oz Studios 2014-03-08 (Saturday)

Crosswires (feat. Young Doctors in Love / Spectre Hearts / Brent Randall And The Rainbow Twangers)
Handlebar 2014-03-09 (Sunday)

Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro (Matthew "Doc" Dunn)
Musideum 2014-03-12 (Wednesday)

Audiopollination #16.2 (feat. 6 Heads / Glen Hall/David Sait/Ted Phillips / Gil Delindro)
Array Space 2014-03-13 (Thursday)

Optical Sounds' Psych Pop Vol. 2 Release Party (feat. B-17 / Tess Parks / The BB Guns / The Auras / Prince Ness / Sun Stone Revolvers / Mimico / The Disraelis)
The Great Hall 2014-03-15 (Saturday)

New Music 101 (feat. The Music Gallery / Continuum Contemporary Music)
Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium – Toronto Reference Library 2014-03-17 (Monday)

Astral Gunk (The Beverleys / DAS RAD / Teen Tits Wild Wives)
The Imperial Pub 2014-03-21 (Friday)

Musica Reflecta + Love Nation: Continuous Events
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-03-22 (Saturday)

Loom (Hurricanes Of Love / Holiday Rambler)
June Records 2014-03-24 (Monday)

Josh Cole Standards Quartet
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-03-26 (Wednesday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-03-28 (Friday)

Hit It (feat. Surinam / Dilly Dally / Bad Channels)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-03-28 (Friday)

Wavelength 592 (feat. White Ribs / B-17 / New Positions / Toronto Homicide Squad)
Bike Pirates 2014-03-29 (Saturday)

Flood & Pass (The Living Daylight Stringband)
Holy Oak Café 2014-03-30 (Sunday)

Gaudeamus: Deconstructed
The Music Gallery 2014-04-03 (Thursday)

Gaudeamus: Reconstructed
The Music Gallery 2014-04-04 (Friday)

Feast In The East 36 (feat. Ketamines / Babysitter / Gay / Omhouse)
The Jam Factory 2014-04-05 (Saturday)

Swap, Don't Shop (feat. Twist / Patti Cake / Rival Boys / Planet Creature / Ice Cream)
The Garrison 2014-04-06 (Sunday)

Wavelength 593 (feat. Picastro / Magali Meagher / Paul Schedlich)
CineCycle 2014-04-09 (Wednesday)

The Glenn Gould School New Music Ensemble
Conservatory Theatre 2014-04-10 (Thursday)

Reel Cod Records presents Cod Bless Fest (feat. Mimico / Sexy Merlin / Moonwood)
Comfort Zone 2014-04-10 (Thursday)

Henry Grimes (Aurochs)
The Music Gallery 2014-04-11 (Friday)

The Toy Piano Composers: Tension/Resolution
Heliconian Hall 2014-04-12 (Saturday)

Persian Rugs (Fires of Cheektowaga / floppsy b & the sugarstarkidd)
Holy Oak Café 2014-04-12 (Saturday)

See Through Four (Famous Wildlife Movies)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-04-13 (Sunday)

Julianna Barwick (Vasillus / Christine Duncan / Castle If)
Double Double Land 2014-04-16 (Wednesday)

Spectrum: Early Expressions
The Annex Theatre 2014-04-17 (Thursday)

BRIDGES #4 (feat. Lido Pimienta with special guest Tanya Tagaq)
Lula Lounge 2014-04-17 (Thursday)

Record Store Day (feat. Unfinished Business / DIANA / Greys / The Bicycles / HSY / PS I Love You)
Sonic Boom 2014-04-19 (Saturday)

Made to Break (Nate Wooley)
The Drake Underground 2014-04-19 (Saturday)

I'm Forty Now (feat. Light Fires / Marker Starling / Sacred Lamp / Not the Wind, Not The Flag)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-04-24 (Thursday)

Lee Paradise (Lido Pimienta with Mas Aya / Jay Holy / B-17)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-04-25 (Friday)

Weaves (Bizzarh / HSY / New Fries)
CineCycle 2014-04-26 (Saturday)

Crosswires (feat. BABEL)
Handlebar 2014-04-27 (Sunday)

Clarinet Panic Deluxx (Keir Neuringer)
Oz Studios 2014-04-27 (Sunday)

Wavelength 597 (feat. Chicago Underground Duo / Not The Wind, Not The Flag / King Weather)
The Garrison 2014-05-01 (Thursday)

Wavelength 598: "M for..." (feat. Mas Aya with Lido Pimienta / Most People / Mannerisms / Moonwood)
The Garrison 2014-05-07 (Wednesday)

DIANA presents DIG DEEP (feat. Matt "Doc" Dunn / ASMR Buds / DIANA / Jennifer Castle)
The Drake Underground 2014-05-08 (Thursday)

Owen Pallett (Doldrums)
The Danforth Music Hall 2014-05-10 (Saturday)

The Final Crosswires (feat. Tails / Bloody Narcissists / Jim Storie Juniors / Underwater Landslides)
Handlebar 2014-05-11 (Sunday)

Emergents IV (feat. Thin Edge New Music Collective / Jason Doell & Germaine Liu)
The Music Gallery 2014-05-15 (Thursday)

Colin Fisher + Jesse Laderoute
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-05-18 (Sunday)

You've Changed Records 5th Anniversary Celebration (feat. Richard Laviolette / Baby Eagle / Marine Dreams / The Weather Station / Daniel Romano & The Trilliums / Shotgun Jimmie)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2014-05-22 (Thursday)

Timber Timbre (Cold Specks)
Massey Hall 2014-05-23 (Friday)

All Toronto's Parties II: Daytime (feat. Isla Craig / Valerie Dour / Castlevania / Bong Water / Elrichman)
Various locations throughout Kensington Market 2014-05-24 (Saturday)

All Toronto's Parties II: Nighttime (feat. Darlene Shrugg / Frisch Kind / Nature / Abra Cadaver / Wildlife Rodeo)
Comfort Zone 2014-05-24 (Saturday)

Lina Allemano Four
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-05-27 (Tuesday)

PLATFORM: Music at Mercer (feat. Absolutely Free / Jason Doell / Swiss Dice)
Mercer Union 2014-05-30 (Friday)

Audiopollination 18.3 (feat. Chris Adriaanse/John Oswald/John Kamevaar / Bea Labikova/Raphael Roter/Michael Snow/Paul Dutton / CCMC)
Array Space 2014-05-31 (Saturday)

Holiday Rambler (Hurricanes Of Love / Player 2)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-05-31 (Saturday)

No Angels Dancing
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-06-01 (Sunday)

Soundstreams: Airline Icarus
Daniels Spectrum (Ada Slaight Hall) 2014-06-05 (Thursday)

Feast In The East 38 (feat. Jennifer Castle / Eucalyptus / Michael Mucci & Ben Grossman / Thom Gill)
Jam Factory 2014-06-05 (Thursday)

The Unbearable Lightness of Bass (feat. Pursuit Grooves / Bile Sister / Sunclef)
The Music Gallery 2014-06-06 (Friday)

PANIC (Wyrd Visions)
Smiling Buddha 2014-06-06 (Friday)

Dundas West Fest (feat. Sheezer / Green Rays / The Royal Crowns / The Beverleys / Public Animal)
Lakeview Stage 2014-06-07 (Saturday)

Moon King (U.S. Girls / Petra Glynt)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-06-07 (Saturday)

The Hidden Cameras
David Pecaut Square (Luminato Festival Hub) 2014-06-08 (Sunday)

Audiopollination #19.2 (feat. Roman Stolyar with Lina Allemano/Bruce Cassidy/John Gzowski/Chris Cawthray/Bob Vespaziani/Tom Richards/Jim Sexton/Michael Lynn/Glen Hall
Array Space 2014-06-12 (Thursday)

Pharmakon (Ell V Gore / S†NS)
S.H.I.B.G.B's 2014-06-12 (Thursday)

159 Manning BBQ 2014 – Part 1 (feat. BB Guns / The Good Enough Live Karaoke Band / Bouquet / Ice Cream / The Pairs / Biblical)
159 Manning 2014-06-13 (Friday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-06-13 (Friday)

Healing Power Summer Smash (feat. Brodie West / Manticore / Fleshtone Aura / IC/JC/VC / Gravitons / Mas Aya)
8-11 & The Tranzac 2014-06-14 (Saturday)

Burn Down the Capital @ NXNE (feat. Many Arms with Colin Fisher / Horse Lords / Guerrilla Toss)
The Great Hall 2014-06-18 (Wednesday)

Wavelength 603 @ NXNE (feat. Tim Hecker / Fresh Snow / White Poppy / Twist / ZONES)
The Great Hall 2014-06-19 (Thursday)

NXNE/"M for 159 Manning": 159 Manning BBQ 2014 – Part 2 (feat. Bloodshot Bill / Beliefs / Twist / Soft Hell / allie / Light Fires / Death Hymn Number 9 / Sacred Harp Shape Note Singers / Xiu Xiu / Invasions / Canailles / Old Man Canyon / KC Accidental)
159 Manning 2014-06-20 (Friday)

Buzz Records @ NXNE (feat. Mexican Slang / Weaves / HSY / Perfect Pussy / Frankie Cosmos / New Positions / Ancient Ocean / STÜKA / HUREN / ANAMAI / Black Walls)
The Great Hall 2014-06-21 (Saturday)

Summer Melt: Unofficial Summer Music Festival Rager (feat. Teenanger / Petra Glynt / Toronto Homicide Squad / DAS RAD / The Beverleys)
Soybomb HQ 2014-06-21 (Saturday)

NXNE: Of Sound Mind (feat. Wish / Unfinished Business / Sonic Avenues / Young Mother / Greys / Zacht Automaat)
Edward Day Gallery 2014-06-22 (Sunday)

The Two Koreas (Moonwood / Several Futures)
Smiling Buddha 2014-06-28 (Saturday)

The Kyle Brenders Large Ensemble
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-06-29 (Sunday)

Harbourfront Centre (W------ Stage) 2014-06-30 (Monday)

Girls' Art League fundraiser (feat. Army Girls / Dilly Dally / New Fries)
The Garrison 2014-07-04 (Friday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-07-08 (Tuesday)

Rob's Collision (Ken Aldcroft/Mike Gennaro)
The Imperial Pub 2014-07-10 (Thursday)

Zacht Automaat (Prince Nifty)
Double Double Land 2014-07-11 (Friday)

Man Forever & So Percussion (Music In The Barns / Gordon Monahan)
The Jam Factory 2014-07-13 (Sunday)

Silent Shout: Heat And The Pulse, Day 1 (feat. Zoo Owl / Sexy Merlin)
Canton Chilli 2014-07-17 (Thursday)

Wavelength 606 (feat. Khôra / Dirty Inputs / Thom Huhtala)
8-11 2014-07-18 (Friday)

Poor Pilgrim Island Show 7 (feat. Ivy Mairi & Sean Donald / John Southworth / Darbazi / Carl Didur / DOOMSQUAD / IC/JC/VC / Petra Glynt)
various locations, Toronto Island 2014-07-20 (Sunday)

Clarinet Panic Deluxx (Tequila House Band / TJ Borden)
Holy Oak Café 2014-07-23 (Wednesday)

I Have Eaten The City (Khôra / Fake Humans)
Ratio 2014-07-25 (Friday)

Man Finds Fire Presents: Summer Sesh (feat. Bile Sister / A K U A / Mimico / Treeotica / Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien / Justin Adam & David Jones)
Geary Lane 2014-07-26 (Saturday)

Backyard Afternoon (feat. Isla Craig / HVYWTR / Heather Segger & Doug Tielli / Prince Nifty)
Tibet Kitchen 2014-07-27 (Sunday)

Crocodiles (Jaill / Pow Wows) / The Garrison 2014-07-27 (Sunday)

The Saffron Sect (Red Plastic Buddha / Brent Randall And His Rainbow Twangers / Annie & The Honks)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-08-02 (Saturday)

No Angels Dancing (feat. D. Alex Meeks and Stephen Parkinson)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-08-03 (Sunday)

Mike Smith August Residency: Simcoe is Lord (with guests D. Alex Meeks & Karen Ng)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-08-04 (Monday)

EONS (Nick Ferrio / Spencer Burton)
Dufferin Grove Park 2014-08-06 (Wednesday)

SummerWorks: One Night, Two Brendans (feat. Brendan Canning)
The Theatre Centre Mainspace 2014-08-08 (Friday)

SummerWorks: Failure Fest (feat. Army Girls)
Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement 2014-08-09 (Saturday)

SummerWorks: Weaves Through Time (feat. Weaves)
Lower Ossington Theatre 2014-08-10 (Sunday)

Mike Smith August Residency (feat. Transcombobulation)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-08-11 (Monday)

SummerWorks: The Secret Garden of Lido Pimienta (feat. Lido Pimienta)
Lower Ossington Theatre Mainspace 2014-08-13 (Wednesday)

Feast In The East 40 (feat. Fiver / Wyrd Visions / Tasseomancy / Black Walls)
Jam Factory Co. 2014-08-14 (Thursday)

SummerWorks: Young Drones (feat. The Bicycles)
Lower Ossington Theatre Mainspace 2014-08-15 (Friday)

SummerWorks: Do I Have To Do Everything My Fucking Self (feat. Light Fires)
Lower Ossington Theatre Cabaret 2014-08-15 (Friday)

Wavelength 611: Endless Summer Mini-Festival (feat. Comet Control / Mexican Slang / Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No / JFM / New Horizzzons / Alpha Strategy / Delta Will)
Vintage & Flea Outdoor Market 2014-08-16 (Saturday)

Mike Smith August Residency: Mellow Motel
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-08-18 (Monday)

Julie Doiron & The Wooden Stars (Evening Hymns / José Contreras)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2014-08-21 (Thursday)

Optical Sounds Presents (feat. The Highest Order / Magic Shoppe / B-17/ Twist)
CineCycle 2014-08-23 (Saturday)

Sacred Lamp
Grasshopper Records 2014-08-24 (Sunday)

Mike Smith August Residency: Battleship!
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-08-25 (Monday)

The Music Gallery's Departures series (feat. Battle Trance / Not The Wind Not The Flag / King Weather)
Array Space 2014-09-05 (Friday)

INTERsection: New Music Marathon and Musicircus (feat. Sidewalk Crusades / Spectrum / junctQín keyboard collective / Thin Edge New Music Collective / Kyle Brenders' Haphazard Hinges / Evan Ziporyn & Contact)
Yonge Dundas Square 2014-09-06 (Saturday)

Wavelength 614: Wavelength Island Show (feat. MATROX / Most People / Weaves / Fresh Snow / catl.)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2014-09-07 (Sunday)

Audiopollination #22.1 (feat. Paul Newman/Aldwyn Hogg Jr./Peter Lutek / Elliott Fienberg/Aisha Sasha John / Shahriyar Jamshidi Kamanche/Raphael Weinroth-Browne / Phookie Nijjit/Nodoubt Fersure)
Array Space 2014-09-09 (Tuesday)

The October Trio
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-09-10 (Wednesday)

Teenanger (Crosss / The Beverleys)
The Garrison 2014-09-12 (Friday)

Somewhere There presents: The Second Sunday of September (feat. Ryan Brouwer's Improv Wind Ensemble, conducted by Christine Duncan / Margarita Night)
Array Space 2014-09-14 (Sunday)

Going Forward: A Fundraiser for Sistering (feat. Fin / Tonkapuma / BB Guns / Blonde Elvis)
The Garrison 2014-09-14 (Sunday)

Josh Cole/Brodie West/Nick Fraser
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-09-17 (Wednesday)

Persian Rugs (The Disraelis / Wanderbirds)
The Boat 2014-09-18 (Thursday)

Bloor Ossington Folk Festival (feat. The Idaho Stop / Artie Roth / The Lonely Parade / The Dead Projectionists / Andrew Whiteman/Dave Bidini/Brendan Canning [workshop] / The Highest Order / Will Kidman / AroarA / Baby Eagle / Brendan Canning)
Christie Pits Park 2014-09-20 (Saturday)

Bloor Ossington Folk Festival (feat. Julie Doiron and the Wrong Guys / Fiver / Eamon McGrath / Shotgun Jimmie / José Contreras / Pink Moth / Heavy on the Willie / Safety in Numbers / Nick Teehan)
Christie Pits Park 2014-09-21 (Sunday)

Simply Saucer
Smiling Buddha 2014-09-21 (Sunday)

Jennifer Castle (Eric Chenaux / Brodie West)
The Great Hall 2014-09-25 (Thursday)

Brandee Younger (Dr. Matthew Dunn and Co.)
The Music Gallery 2014-09-26 (Friday)

St. Clair Kids (Mystic Triangle)
Holy Oak Café 2014-09-26 (Friday)

Pneuma Ensemble
June Records 2014-09-27 (Saturday)

The Draperies (Allison Cameron)
Ratio 2014-09-29 (Monday)

Wavelength 620 (feat. Bruce Peninsula / Del Bel / Delta Will)
SPK Polish Combatants Hall 2014-10-03 (Friday)

DAS RAD (Toronto Homicide Squad / Greasy G / Teen Tits Wild Wives / Hangin Tuff)
Smiling Buddha 2014-10-04 (Saturday)

Nuit Blanche: "Jazz Age Cinema with the Ryan Driver Quintet"
TIFF Lightbox 2014-10-04 (Saturday)

X Avant IX (feat. Laraaji with Scott Peterson, Colin Fisher and Brandon Valdivia / Diely Mori Tounkara)
The Music Gallery 2014-10-16 (Thursday)

X Avant IX (feat. Drums and Drones / Phrase Velocity)
The Music Gallery 2014-10-17 (Friday)

Chandra with Bile Sister (Sexy Merlin / New Chance)
Double Double Land 2014-10-17 (Friday)

X Avant IX (feat. Lido Pimienta / Ramzi)
The Music Gallery 2014-10-19 (Sunday)

Wavelength 623 (feat. Ben Frost / Nick Storring)
The Garrison 2014-10-24 (Friday)

Bateman/Miller/Segger with guest vocalist Christine Duncan
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-10-28 (Tuesday)

Mystic Triangle (Blunt Chunks / Sean Paul)
Holy Oak Café 2014-10-28 (Tuesday)

Titanium Riot (Lina Allemano New York Trio)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-10-29 (Wednesday)

DEATH TO T.O. IV: A Halloween Covers Show (feat. Biblical [as Black Sabbath] / Burning Love [as Hot Snakes] / Alex Low/Daniel Woodhead/Dan Lee [as Beastie Boys] / Cellphone [as Metallica] / The Siilk Group [as The Doors] / Dana Wright [as Eminem] / Mexican Slang [as Babes In Toyland] / Nyssa, Little Junior And Nasa Valley [as Rod Stewart] / Sunset Pig (Members Of The Deadly Snakes, Highest Order And B-17) [as JJ Cale] / B-17 [as New York Dolls] / The BB Guns [as Primal Scream] / Members Of Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs And Gay [as ELO] / Whimm [as Wire] / Members Of Surinam, Das Rad, Ostrich Tuning And Schonsee [as Suicide] / Cell Memory [as Jesus And Mary Chain] / Jigsaw Youth [as Bikini Kill] / Bad Channels [as Divine] / Avant Kool [as Depeche Mode])
The Silver Dollar Room + Comfort Zone 2014-10-30 (Thursday)

Blü Print: An Arachnidiscs Showcase (feat. Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro / Holiday Rambler / Beard Closet / Tranzmit)
Smiling Buddha 2014-11-04 (Tuesday)

Tanya Tagaq (Doomsquad)
The Great Hall 2014-11-06 (Thursday)

Rub Out The Word: A William S. Burroughs Centennial Event (CCMC)
The Music Gallery 2014-11-07 (Friday)

Wavelength 627 (feat. Petra Glynt / Jooj / Maica Mia / Animalia)
Geary Lane 2014-11-08 (Saturday)

Ken Aldcroft (Aldcroft/Aldcroft)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-09 (Sunday)

Knurl (Advice)
Double Double Land 2014-11-09 (Sunday)

Sarah Peebles with Nilan Perera and Kyle Brenders (Dust: The Quietest Big Band in the Known World)
Ratio 2014-11-11 (Tuesday)

Arnd Jurgensen/Aidan Closs/Michael Herring/Jeff Burke/Bob Vespaziani
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-12 (Wednesday)

DDL 5th Anniversary Weekend: Night One (feat. Corpusse / Tenderness / Processor)
Double Double Land 2014-11-13 (Thursday)

Long Winter: Year Three, Volume One (feat. Mozart's Sister / Mexican Slang / Bizzarh / Keita Juma / Clairmont The Second / Lee Paradise / VCR / Antoine93 / Kaydee / Dutch / Alexander Lukashevsky)
The Great Hall 2014-11-14 (Friday)

DDL 5th Anniversary Weekend: Night Three (feat. The Space Lady / Carl Didur / New Chance)
Double Double Land 2014-11-15 (Saturday)

Luxury Transcombobulation
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-18 (Tuesday)

Pemi Paull and David Schotzko: Naturale
Array Space 2014-11-19 (Wednesday)

Dust: The Quietest Big Band in the Known World
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-21 (Friday)

Pop Avant (feat. Still Boys / Zoo Owl / Bataille Solaire)
The Music Gallery 2014-11-22 (Saturday)

(de)Construction Quintet
Musideum 2014-11-24 (Monday)

Somewhere There Presents (feat. Riverrun / Nomad Winds)
Ratio 2014-11-26 (Wednesday)

Wavelength 628: NICE II (feat. Jazz Cartier / Wish / Plumes)
The Garrison 2014-11-28 (Friday)

Toy Piano Composers: To Be Announced 2
Heliconian Hall 2014-11-29 (Saturday)

Hooded Fang (Milk Lines / Moss Lime)
The Silver Dollar Room 2014-11-29 (Saturday)

Swap, Don't Shop for Girls Rock Camp Toronto (feat. HotKid / Terror Lake / Dirty Frigs / ANAMAI/ Pins & Needles)
The Garrison 2014-11-30 (Sunday)

Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-11-30 (Sunday)

King Weather
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-30 (Sunday)

Gravitons with Brodie West (Steve Kado with Ensemble)
Array Space 2014-12-02 (Tuesday)

Teen Tits Wild Wives (STÜKA / ZONES)
Smiling Buddha 2014-12-02 (Tuesday)

Emergents I (feat. Clarinet Panic Deluxx / Cris Derksen)
The Music Gallery 2014-12-04 (Thursday)

Pete Johnston/Michael Davidson/Jay Hay/Jake Oelrichs/Mike Smith
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-12-04 (Thursday)

Telephone Explosion's Xmas Party / 7 Year Anniversary (feat. Soupcans / CROSSS / Teenanger / LIDS / Mick Futures / Cellphone / New Fries)
S.H.I.B.G.B.'s 2014-12-05 (Friday)

Spectrum Music: Journeys
Alliance Française de Toronto 2014-12-06 (Saturday)

Buzz Records Presents a Very Special Krampus Party (feat. Greys / Odonis Odonis / Weaves)
The Garrison 2014-12-06 (Saturday)

Avesta Nakhaei + Guests
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-12-07 (Sunday)

Audiopollination #25 (feat. Marcus B/Heidi Chan/James B / Brian Abbott/Aki Takahashi/Gamliel Kalfa / Bill Gilliam/Ambrose Pottie/John Creson/Adam Rosen)
Array Space 2014-12-09 (Tuesday)

Christine Duncan/Mike Gennaro (Paul Dutton/John Kammevaar)
Musideum 2014-12-10 (Wednesday)

Aidan Baker (The Visit / Moonwood)
Ratio 2014-12-11 (Thursday)

Long Winter: Year Three, Volume Two (feat. Sean Nicholas Savage / Army Girls / Animalia / Wrong Hole / Sean Conway / The Lonely Parade / Anti-Vibes / Wish / Man Made Hill / Iris / Audiopollination)
The Great Hall 2014-12-12 (Friday)

Feint Of Hart: Crisis on St. Creskins
Campbell House Museum 2014-12-13 (Saturday)

Marker Starling (Bernice / The Gordon Brothers)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2014-12-13 (Saturday)

Gay (Ice Cream)
Handlebar 2014-12-13 (Saturday)

Kith & Kin's Holiday Wassail
The Music Gallery 2014-12-14 (Sunday)

Karen Ng Trio
The Emmet Ray 2014-12-15 (Monday)

Planet Beach
The Tranzac (Tiki Room) 2014-12-15 (Monday)

Matt "Doc" Dunn's Galactic Jazz Band
Grasshopper Records 2014-12-16 (Tuesday)

Nick Storring (Craig Dunsmuir / Michael Keith)
Ratio 2014-12-16 (Tuesday)

Unsilent Night Fundraiser
The Music Gallery 2014-12-19 (Thursday)

Jennifer Castle
Double Double Land 2014-12-21 (Sunday)

A Ryan Driver Quintet
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-12-26 (Friday)

Arthur Bull and friends
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2015-12-28 (Sunday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2015-12-28 (Sunday)

Zacht Automaat (U.S. Girls)
Double Double Land 2014-12-29 (Monday)

Blockspace II Presents: Pre-NYE Extravaganza/Offerings tape compilation release (feat. Zacht Automaat / Zones / FIN / Doom Tickler / New Chance / Nick Storring / STÜKA)
CineCycle 2014-12-30 (Tuesday)

Tranzac New Year's Eve (feat. Lido Pimienta / Tenderness / New Fries / International Zombies Of Love / Blonde Elvis / Sexy Merlin / Mas Aya / Zoo Owl)
The Tranzac 2014-12-31 (Wednesday)

Longform reviews of these shows is not currently likely. Recordings from many of these can be found if you dig through the tag cloud.

1 comment:

  1. By one count I went to 233 gigs in 2014 (it had been 253 in 2013). [The final tally will be a little higher.]

    By Month:
    January: 20
    February: 23
    March: 21
    April: 21
    May: 15
    June: 22
    July: 13
    August: 18
    September: 17
    October: 12
    November: 23
    December: 28

    Here is every venue I went to more than once:

    36 gigs:
    The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge)

    15 gigs:
    The Music Gallery

    13 gigs:
    Array Space

    12 gigs:
    The Garrison

    11 gigs:
    The Great Hall

    9 gigs:
    The Silver Dollar Room

    8 gigs:
    Double Double Land
    The Tranzac (Main Hall)

    7 gigs:
    Holy Oak Café

    6 gigs:
    Smiling Buddha

    4 gigs:
    The Drake Underground
    Jam Factory

    3 gigs:
    Comfort Zone
    Heliconian Hall
    June Records
    Lower Ossington Theatre
    Oz Studios

    2 gigs:
    159 Manning
    Christie Pits Park
    Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium – Toronto Reference Library
    Geary Lane
    Gerrard Art Space
    Grasshopper Records
    Roy Thomson Hall
    Sonic Boom
    SPK Polish Combatants Hall
    The Annex Theatre
    The Horseshoe Tavern
    The Imperial Pub
    The Piston