Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recording: FIN

Artist: FIN

Song: unknown*

Recorded at CineCycle ("Blockspace II Presents: Pre-NYE Extravaganza"), December 30, 2014.

FIN - unknown

This night was a pre-NYE party assembled by the Blockspace collective (Laura Dobson, Julie Reich, Nick Leviathann) that transformed CineCycle into a DIY label bazaar and filled it with art installations plus a full slate of live music. It was also a release party for the Reich-compiled Offerings mixtape, the last gesture from the local showpaper before a soon-to-be-announced transformation.

Rebecca "Fin" Simonetti's musical works have included Wet Nurse, a collaboration with Alex Mackenzie. Her solo setup starts from a similar place technologically with the latter's Petra Glynt, though Simonetti employs her loops/samples/tracks in a manner that's a bit more straight-up "pop" on the surface. (EMA might be another point of worthy comparison.) But look below and there's the same interplay of sexuality and menace that Simonetti explores in her visual art. No wonder, then, that she faced the crowd wearing a football player's shoulder pads, hinting not only at the need for protection but a willingness to tackle any challenges.

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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