Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Recording: Michael Kaler and friends

Artist: Michael Kaler/Chris Wallace/Jamie Thompson / Michael Kaler/Jamie Thompson/Arnd Jurgensen / Michael Kaler/Enuma Flux/Aki Takahashi/Heidi Chan / Michael Kaler/Arnd Jurgensen/Enuma Flux/Aka Takahashi/Jamie Thompson/Heidi Chan

Songs: [excerpts from four improvised sets]

Recorded at Array Space ("Audiopollination #26"), January 13, 2015.

Michael Kaler, Chris Wallace, Jamie Thompson - [excerpt from first piece]

Michael Kaler, Jamie Thompson, Arnd Jurgensen - [second piece]

Michael Kaler, Enuma Flux, Aki Takahashi, Heidi Chan - [last section]

M. Kaler, A. Jurgensen, E. Flux, A. Takahashi, J. Thompson, H. Chan - [ending]

This night of "folky ethno-drone", saw four sets with a rotating series of musicians surrounding Michael Kaler, who played bouzouki and banjole. The guests included Chris Wallace (percussion) and Jamie Thompson (flute); Thompson and Arnd Jurgensen (marimachi); and Enuma Flux (percussion), Aki Takahashi (shamisen) and Heidi Chan (Chinese flutes) before bringing most of the above together for a big group finale. An interesting mix of sounds, mostly hewing towards gentle instrumental interplay and a particularly pleasing night overall.

[As always, you can revisit the whole of the night with the recordings over at Audiopollination's bandcamp page. The next Audiopollination night will be on Tuesday, February 10th and will feature the Element Choir.]

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