Sunday, August 9, 2015

Recording: DUST

Artist: DUST

Songs: [various excerpts]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), July 31, 2015.

DUST - [set 1, edited fragments]

DUST - [set 1, fragment 1]

DUST - [set 1, fragment 2]

DUST - [set 2, edited fragments]

Abraham Dust and his band of experimenters will always frustrate my efforts. The most successful his "quietest big band in the known world" is at executing his vision, the quieter the resultant rustling — and the less able I am to capture it. The seven musicians1 here were doing particularly well at their task, and as such, after boosting things up even to the edge of the audible range, my recording contains as much hiss as music. Take these as what they are, then, recognizing this is not at all like the experience of sitting in a room, listening to musicians play in a manner such that the door to the room being opened is as loud as any "music", and both would be easily overpowered by a voice at a normal speaking volume. (And note, as well, how far this grouping has become in stripping away the volume and musicality that they started out with!)

[Before the participants head off to apply what they have learned to the new DUST Regional Chapters, there will be another assemblage at The Tranzac on Wednesday, August 26th.]

1 The players on this night were: Avesta Nakhaei (piano), Rob Clutton (double bass), Alex Lukashevsky (guitar + prepared turntable), Matthew Ramolo (synthesizer), D. Alex Meeks (percussion), Brian Abbott (guitar), and Karen Ng (clarinet).

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