Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Recording: HSY

Artist: HSY

Song: Feeder

Recorded at Steelworkers Hall ("Four Corners V"), August 8, 2015.

HSY - Feeder

A benefit for Girls Rock Camp was the impetus for the revival of this beloved concert series that originally ran for a conceptually-elegant four instalments from 2010 to 2012. As before, the Steelworkers' multipurpose room was the scene for this quadraphonic jam, with bands set up in each of the room's colour-coded corners and alternating two-song bursts for a no-dead-time rock jam. With cans of beer for sale instead of easily-slopped cups of cheap draft from a keg, the floor was less dangerously slick at night's end, but it was still an immersive, joyfully-exhausting experience. Whether this means that the series is back for another set of four remains to be seen, but it's a concept that I was glad to experience once again.

Anna Mayberry takes the mic for this rant ("you can't even feeeeeeeeeed yourself!") as the band offers up a punishing assault of abrasive noise. It's tantalizing to note that the release of the band's first album is close enough that the bandcamp pre-order is up, so expect news of release celebrations to surface soon. (In the meantime, the band has a couple support slots coming up, with Old Man Gloom at Lee's on Monday, September 7th, and at a Wavelength spectacular on Thursday, September 17th at The Garrison celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Nihilist Spasm Band.)

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