Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Recording: Event Cloak

Artist: Event Cloak

Song: Untitled*

Recorded at Ratio, July 25, 2015.

Event Cloak - Untitled

I didn't know much about Nick Maturo's solo project before going into this show, besides taking it as a vote of confidence that his recent Life Strategies album was released by Orange Milk Records. And indeed, it turned out that Maturo's stately synth-haze pieces were right down my alley. But it was the presence of video artist Rob Feulner that really made this an especially-memorable set. His NTSC modulations (complete with tapes being slapped into a VCR) tweaked made-for-TV movies (and some figure skating from the Lillehammer Olympics) until the hidden ghosts in the analogue transmissions started peeking out between the tracking lines, twitching and freeze-framing in live sync to the music.

* Thanks to Nick for passing along that this as-yet-unrecorded piece doesn't have a name yet.

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