Monday, August 3, 2015

Recording: Fake Palms

Artist: Fake Palms

Song: Half Light

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, July 23, 2015.

Fake Palms - Half Light

Michael Le Riche has done time in many local projects, including anthemic would-be stadium rockers The Darcys and a particularly tasty iteration of Dr. Ew's live band. None of those particularly point towards the direction that his solo-project-turned-band have taken, except, perhaps a borrowed propensity from the former to play to the back row of some imagined arena. (Both times I've seen Fake Palms the band has been a fair chunk louder than they needed to be, squooshing up a lot of the musical dynamics.) Joined by Patrick Marshall and Lane Halley (Hooded Fang/Bart), the most noteworty member on stage is perhaps drummer Simone TB (Darlene Shrugg/Highest Order), adding some monumental beats to propel the band's abstracted pop-postpunk vibes. Now on the Buzz Records roster, the debut full-length is due at the far end of this month.

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