Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Recording: Cellphone

Artist: Cellphone

Song: Steal/Sell*

Recorded at Steelworkers Hall ("Four Corners V"), August 8, 2015.

Cellphone - Steal/Sell

A benefit for Girls Rock Camp was the impetus for the revival of this beloved concert series that originally ran for a conceptually-elegant four instalments from 2010 to 2012. As before, the Steelworkers' multipurpose room was the scene for this quadraphonic jam, with bands set up in each of the room's colour-coded corners and alternating two-song bursts for a no-dead-time rock jam. With cans of beer for sale instead of easily-slopped cups of cheap draft from a keg, the floor was less dangerously slick at night's end, but it was still an immersive, joyfully-exhausting experience. Whether this means that the series is back for another set of four remains to be seen, but it's a concept that I was glad to experience once again.

After a couple spins around the room, it was during Cellphone's turn that I realized I had to back up a bit to stay out of harm's way. The room's jury-rigged PA ate up most of the synth in their tunes, but there was metallic intensity aplenty. Colin (from Blonde Elvis, Vallens, Lee Paradise) was on the skins this time out.

* Thanks to a commenter for passing along the title to this one.