Thursday, February 27, 2020

Recording: Yunjin Claire Lee

Artist: Yunjin Claire Lee

Song: Launching in 12

Recorded at Wenona Lodge (Track Could Bend #59), February 4, 2020.

Yunjin Claire Lee - Launching in 12

I first encountered Lee as a pianist, but lately she has been branching out into electronic processing (which is quite prominent in her recent solo album) and from there into experiments with synthesis. The patiently-building zips and zworps here have a pleasingly sci-fi feel, a tasty ride on a spaceship heading for unexplored territory.

[Yunjin Claire Lee will be playing at the first night of the Women From Space Festival, Thursday March 5th at Burdock Music Hall. Track Could Bend is back at Wenona on Tuesday (March 3rd) with sets from JP Carter & Friends (including Aline Homzy, Ashley Urquhart, and Joe Sorbara), Les Trois Lynx Roux (Émilie Fortin, Germaine Liu, and Cory Harper-Latkovich) and Suit World (Alex Hamlyn, Alex McLaren, and Vannessa Barnier).]

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