Thursday, February 27, 2020

Recording: Tidal Pool

Artist: Tidal Pool

Song: [third piece]

Recorded at Wenona Lodge (Track Could Bend #59), February 4, 2020.

Tidal Pool - [third piece]

Hamilton's Connor Bennett has been exploring space expansion with this solo saxophone project. His recent lathe-cut 7" (each with a unique live take of the same pieces!) explored the sort of slow development familiar to those who appreciate Paul Newman's work. There were a couple of these pieces in his live set as well, but another path he is exploring (as heard in this piece) involves the use of a homemade drone box. Besides acting as an underlying background tone, Bennett would also hold the bell of his sporano sax over the speaker opening and use it as a resonating chamber, adjusting the tone just by changing the fingering on the instrument. It's a subtle effect, but less subtle than you might imagine, and quite captivating to see in person, where the ear can pick out the delicate pitch changes a bit more clearly.

[Track Could Bend is back at Wenona on Tuesday (March 3rd) with sets from JP Carter & Friends (including Aline Homzy, Ashley Urquhart, and Joe Sorbara), Les Trois Lynx Roux (Émilie Fortin, Germaine Liu, and Cory Harper-Latkovich) and Suit World (Alex Hamlyn, Alex McLaren, and Vannessa Barnier).]

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