Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Recording: Robin Hatch

Artist: Robin Hatch

Song: The Serpent

Recorded at The Gladstone Hotel's Ballroom (Long Winter 8.3), January 11, 2020.

Robin Hatch - The Serpent

Pivoting away from duty in touring rock bands, Robin Hatch has turned to composition for solo keyboards. (And turned with prodigious dedication, producing three solo albums over the past year.) Interestingly, though, rather than retreating to the rarefied and exclusive zones where contemporary composition is most often heard, she's staying engaged with the communities she's played in for years, treating her pieces like songs to be played and appreciated with the same occasional stumbles and glorious imperfections that make rock shows interesting, instead of intellectual ideals meant to be executed as flawlessly as possible.

[Robin Hatch & Friends will be performing a set of Elton John songs at Death To T.O.'s Valentine's Day cover song spectacular, February 14th at Lee's Palace. Long Winter is back on Friday, February 21st, returning to Workman Arts for a night of art and music — including sounds from Mil-Spec, Korydor, Laps, Tallies, Isla Craig, Hua Li, Backxwash, Witchrot, Scorpio Rising, Lavender Bruisers and Tongue Patrol.]

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