Thursday, February 20, 2020

Recording: M. Mucci/Khôra/Totenbaum Träger

Artist: M. Mucci/Khôra/Totenbaum Träger

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space (Remembering Arachnidiscs), January 19, 2020.

M. Mucci/Khôra/Totenbaum Träger - [excerpt]

Jakob Rehlinger needed only some moderate prodding to put together an event celebrating the winding down his Arachnidiscs label after a twenty-year run — though once he was committed, he ran with the idea, turning the event into a proper funeral, complete with wreath and memory book. He also had the idea of combining some of the label's alumni into one-off ensembles for this show. Dominic Marion (who released a solo side on an Arachnidiscs split tape as well as being half of Mad/Mod) proposed a set with this trio attempting to capture the mood of Mucci's Secret Midnights album. The upshot, from Mucci's lap steel, Marion's guitar and Matthew Ramolo's modular synth, was some beautifully-atmospheric zones.

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