Friday, February 7, 2020

Recording: Keerat Kaur

Artist: Keerat Kaur

Songs: There is a Moon Inside of You + Aaj Mausam [Mohammed Rafi cover]

Recorded at Hugh's Room, January 9, 2020.

Keerat Kaur - There is a Moon Inside of You

Keerat Kaur - Aaj Mausam

With fewer and fewer venues to put on shows, resourceful promoters are trying out some new things, such as this interesting experiment, bringing together two different crowds for a sit-down night. Hugh's Room generally serves adjacent scenes to this night's performers, so this was also a chance to bring a different audience to a good listening room. The dinner-and-show model the venue operates under might sit awkwardly with the demographics at hand, but it was undoubtedly enjoyable to have a chance to appreciate the room's sonic qualities.

On stage, meanwhile, were two performers united in their soft power approach to music-making, harnessing some mysterious moon energy in mainly balladic terrain. Keerat Kaur is both celebrating and updating the style of the great Bollywood playback singers, bringing contemporary production touches to some classic tunes on her Pink Guava EP, and then channelling that energy into some original tracks, such as the first one here, where the trip-hop vibes sound right at home.

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