Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Recording: Ian Daniel Kehoe

Artist: Ian Daniel Kehoe

Song: What's a Liar Know Anyway

Recorded at The Gladstone Hotel's Melody Bar (Long Winter 8.3), January 11, 2020.

Ian Daniel Kehoe - What's a Liar Know Anyway

I hadn't checked in with Ian Daniel Kehoe since he wrapped up his Marine Dreams project and launched his Secret Republic album under his given name. Although in its latter times Marine Dreams was winding down from a band to a solo project, this solo incarnation has zagged away from solo acoustic balladeering to deploying some one-man-band technology. The drum machine and guitar sounds hew towards a glossy 80's sound, like finding one of those obscure soundtrack albums to a forgotten teen flick with solo tracks from Lindsay Buckingham, Glenn Frey and Don Dixon. (There's also a glorious hint of "When You Were Mine"'s sonic DNA spliced into this song.)

[Long Winter is back on Friday, February 21st, returning to Workman Arts for a night of art and music — including sounds from Mil-Spec, Korydor, Laps, Tallies, Isla Craig, Hua Li, Backxwash, Witchrot, Scorpio Rising, Lavender Bruisers and Tongue Patrol.]

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